Costa Rica La Pastora


Region: Tarrazu
Process: Washed
Notes: Grape, Nougat, Cherry Acidity


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Region: Tarrazu
Process: Honey
Notes: Dark chocolate raisins and hint of almond

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AeroPress, Drip (Regular Grind), Espresso, Pour-over, French Press, Whole Bean

CoopeTarrazu  was  established  in  1970  and  since that time has become one of the major contributors  to  the  economic devolopment  in  the  Los  Santos  region of Tarrazu. Currently CoopeTarrazu has 2,600 members.  The  Coop  assists  in  getting  its  members  technical  assistance,  low  cost  loans  and  low  prices  for  fertilizers.  One  of  the  most  important  aspect
of  the  cooperative  is  the  economic  benefit  for  the  region and the members. Annually, the coop employs
approximatly 10,000 people; either directly in coffee production or in a supporting role. CoopeTarrazu is currently  controlling  the  entire  production  process,  from   picking   the   cherries   through   the   milling,  drying  and  exporting  procedures  hereby  assuring  consistent quality each year.