Our Story

Serda’s Coffee Co. started out as the Millenium Cyber Cafe in Puntarenas, Costa Rica which was opened by John Serda and Edwin Acosta in January 2000.

Edwin’s cousin Victor owned a beneficio named Montes de Oro which was responsible for securing coffee contracts and the distribution of some of Costa Rica’s finest coffees. Through Victor, the Millenium Cyber Cafe was able to serve the famous Tarrazu coffee from the San Marcos valley.

It wasn’t long before the Millenium Cyber Cafe was getting more and more emails from tourists who visited the cafe wanting more of the wonderful coffee they had had in Costa Rica. That’s when John and Edwin decided to create the Quetzal Coffee Co. and sell their coffee online.

The Quetzal Coffee Co. grew and started selling coffees from all over the world including Central & South America, Africa and Indonesia, and then it was time to grow again. John returned home to Mobile, AL to open his first store in the United States and changed the name to Serda’s since Quetzal, which is the name of the bird in our logo, was hard to pronounce for most people.

With the first store opened and a second one on its way, Serda’s will continue to offer only the finest arabica coffees from around the world along with a great selection of other fine foods, drinks and desserts.